Saturday, May 25, 2013

Catching Up With Pictures

In a sad attempt to make up for lost time, here's a quick insta-roundup of what's been going on the past few weeks:

A couple weekends ago, my friend Josh and I drove up to Bangor to see some of our friends from college graduate. We both dressed up, me in my red lace dress and him in his button-down and dapper shoes. It was good to give don't-trip hugs beforehand and to just relax with people afterwards.

For her belated mother's day, my brother and I took my mom out on a winery excursion in Union, Maine. The places had tastings, so we got to try a lot of what they had. I overindulged, of course, and bought way too many bottles. The White Rose from Savage Oakes miiiiiight be my favorite? I don't know. I haven't tried the mead, 'cause it's the only thing I didn't actually buy from the wineries, but instead got at the farmer's market. I expect it'll be delicious, too. The moral here is that it turns out that there are some really yummy wines made within an hour or so of my house. Which is ballin'.

Also on our belated Mother's day schedule was a Portland Seadogs game. Momma loves baseball. (I love basically being a child, so I paid extra on my sundae so it would come in this adorable little helmet. I can't even. I'm going to have ice cream in it tonight after dinner.) It was awesome, 'cause they won in the bottom of the ninth with a grandslam. They had fallen behind, and had two outs, and then... BAM, outta the park. It was neat.

This is where I've been spending a large portion of my money these days. I'm addicted to Mystique Chevre. ADDICTED. Orange goat cheese, jalapeno goat cheese... lemon pepper, kahlua, herbs and spices, you name it - she makes it in a goat cheese. And then there's a guy who makes the best salami and another guy who has turkey meat, there are soap makers and bread bakers, several produce stands, free range eggs, a lady who makes the BEST scones and a hilarious flower guy. I highly recommend spending too much money at farmer's markets, 'cause not only are you getting seriously yummy, fresh food/flowers/goods or what-have-you, you're supporting your local economy. These people make their livings this way, and every little bit seriously helps. Just do it.

Annnnd the other place my money is going: plants. I'm being optimistic, and planting lots of stuff. "Stuff"means jalapeƱo, cayenne and green peppers, sungold and early girl tomatoes, bush green beans, garlic, cucumbers, arugula, chocolate mint, basil, chives and lots of flowers in the window boxes. Here's to hoping container gardens are more my thing than starting up herbs from seeds.

So, that's what I've been up to these past couple weeks, in addition to moving into the new place and the cleaning that entailed. In the next few weeks, hopefully I'll be doing a lot of planting and painting, and will have more exciting things to share with you. :)


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