Friday, May 24, 2013


I've been so terrible, I'm sorry. I have the world's most pathetic excuse. We moved over into our apartment, and I got distracted. Plus I just realized yesterday that I can "borrow" internet from a nearby inn. Writing posts from my phone or tablet is just such a big pain in the behind, I was going to wait until we got internet set up in our new place. Or, you know, anything set up in our new place.

That might be a little harsh. We have our ridiculously large tv, two sofas (one of which is going to get thrown away and replaced soon) and, as of last night, our dishes. And I finally brought my toothbrush. But that's really about it.

I guess I should explain. We did end up moving into the apartment above the garage at my mother's house. It's mad cute. However, it was also mad filthy. The last tenants were hardly close to godliness, and then my Momma wasn't planning on renting it this year, so there were... things that needed attention. Like the blanket of mold growing in the freezer. BLANKET of MOLD, folks. We wore rubber gloves and face masks, and were so upset that we started calling the mold names. The old tenants were from a different country, and we weren't terribly nice to that country in the things that we said. Which is hardly fair, because it's a perfectly nice country, and it's not its fault that the last tenants left mold growing in the freezer. But I digress. The point is that I had floors, bathrooms, freezers and cabinets to scrub. And soon, I'll have painted the bathroom, and Will will have screened in the deck. (He's convinced that ticks are going to drop on our heads from the overhanging trees, two stories up. I've been caught rolling my eyes repeatedly.) We'll have our actual bed and bureau, and I'll get the daybed and plants set up in the sunroom. Maybe we'll get around to painting the kitchen cabinets. Who knows. There's a friggin' lot to do.

Which brings me back to my apology. I suck. Like, a whole, giant bunch. And I am sorry. After work and then working on the apartment, I did not feel like spending my time hunting down an internet signal. Instead I spent my time eating expresso chip ice cream, snuggling with my man, and watching The Avengers at least a zillion times because it's the only movie we had downloaded onto the PS3. So there's that. But now that I've found internet, I'll keep you guys posted on the transformation of our new place and all the delicious things I'm going to be planting in container gardens on the deck. Pinky promise.

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