Thursday, May 09, 2013

Growing Things: Even more updates

A few days ago, I noticed that there were indeed a few little growing things in my small pots! Almost entirely chives, though, and only one basil. Still no lavender anywhere, which is a bummer. Also I spent all day today clearing leaves and transplanting raspberries. I even dug some of the berry plants up and potted them to give to friends. 'Cause I have a zillion. That's barely an exaggeration. There are some other little seedlings that are popping up in the kitchen window that I'm dying to take a picture of, but I'm waiting for the lighting to be perfect. It's the cutest little egg-carton-herb-window-box thing. You'll see.

I'm going to be busy getting the apartment ready for Will and my move-in date, which is sometime next week after the plumber comes. But after that there will be sewing curtains and planting container gardens and convincing Will we need a comfy daybed more than we need a breakfast nook. I know, a nook sounds adorable, but really the set-up is a pain in the butt. Out with you, breakfast nook! I will have a place to curl up and read, you cannot stop me! Besides, he overrode my sectional dreams for a svelte-and-sleek if not cozy black leathery futon thing. Now it's my turn to override his breakfast nook aspirations in exchange for my cozy daybed. <- This is love, guys... just plotting to get your way and then rationalizing it afterwards.


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