Thursday, May 02, 2013


Last week was a good week for me. I planted some pansies with my momma, then helped her with a yard sale in our garage. Which meant a lot of heaving lifting and saying goodbye to my Dad's old wood-working tools, but it really was all for the best.

Then, my darling dearest finally arrived in Maine, after an extended stay in Florida. I broke into his house (with the spare key) and waited for him with food from his favorite place to eat in the Harbor: Vietnamese food. This is the picture I took from his porch. Did I mention the jerk lives right on the ocean? I love going to hang out with his family there.

Then, a couple days later, a couple of my best friends from school showed up. Hooray! William then bought himself a birthday present of several hundred dollars worth of fireworks, and gave us all a show. It was awesome. I would have taken pictures of the event itself, instead of just the fireworks, but I was more concerned for my safety. It was a little more thrilling than I anticipated.

We spent the next couple of days playing tourist in town, which included being by the sea and going to the popcorn store to try all of their delicious flavors. My friends ended up buying a bag of the dill pickle flavor, and then a mixed bag of buffalo wing and blue cheese. Mad yummy.

Friday night marked the opening night of my favorite bar in town, and it was PACKED. And that was only because it was Fisherman's Festival over the weekend. (Which is about the cutest and most embarrassing festival a town can have. I would have taken pictures of the Codfish Relay, The Lobster Eating Competition and the Trap Hauling Contest, but I was at work. Also, all of those things are exactly what they sound like. Except in the Codfish Relay, teams of high school kids have to put on foul weather gear - which is pictured here.. safe link, I promise - and then run around the town holding dead cod. It's hilarious.)

And finally, a picture of the progress my arugula is making. I can't wait to toss those greens into a yummy arugula, spinach and feta salad...


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