Tuesday, March 12, 2013

tune tuesday: volume 1

Last week I came back from a month-long visit with my man-friend in Florida. Before returning home, I  stopped in Manchester to visit some friends and we went to see some killer bands at a pub downtown.

Included among these was Old Abram Brown. Wowzer. F'realz. I immediately went to their bandcamp page and acquired their tunes. Very worth it. However, to really appreciate them, you gotta hear them live. The bad news there is who knows where in the heck you live, and they're from Nashua, NH. The good news is that they seem to be fond of traveling. Maybe you'll get lucky.

I included this video of them playing a song in the Hunt Memorial Library, 'cause it gives you the best idea of their live vibe. Also, don't mind that they all look like high school students... they're way better than anything you saw in a Battle of the Bands in your high school gym.

So, without further ado, Old Abram Brown:


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