Wednesday, April 10, 2013

House Hunt 2013

My boyfriend and I are currently in the midst of our third apartment hunt. Well, in reality, I'm in the midst of our third apartment hunt. It's not necessarily that he isn't incredibly helpful and supportive.. it's more that he's technically a Floridian and we live in Maine, and therefore he somehow lacks the proper Maine-house-hunting skills, I guess. Also he's in Florida right now anyway. (Have I ever mentioned that we have a pretty weird relationship, as far as relationships go? Hunting for our third apartment and closing in on six years together, and yet we still end up spending months and months apart. Blergh. Don't get involved with anyone from another state - especially one 1,500 miles away - unless you really, really like them.)

So, Will the Stinker doesn't have to help in the search. Lucky for him, because the town we're living in has a whopping population of 3,000 year-round residents and essentially only vacation rentals. Which puts a serious cramp in my search-style, 'cause leveraging something like Craigslist or Trulia is basically impossible. Word of mouth is pretty much my only option, which is total lame-sauce, because even in a town as small as mine, you can't possibly know everyone.

Annnnd now we're all caught up to my current predicament: I happen to know of a very convenient, sunny and inexpensive place that I could paint and essentially do whatever I wanted to design-wise, that has a sun room and a deck - you know, in addition to all those normal rooms like kitchens and whatnot that apartments have. The kicker, however, is that Will doesn't want to live there, because it's ... above the garage at my childhood home, where my mother currently lives. And also the bathroom is a tiny closet/jail with no window. But more important is the proximity to my mother, because my man likes his music loud. And he likes shooting his loud gun. And he likes to hang out with his loud friends and watch loud movies and... are you seeing a theme?

Unfortunately, I have fallen in love with the idea of a cornflower blue kitchen with white cabinets and a sun room with a pillow covered daybed. And a great big grey corner sofa from Ikea that fits in the room perfectly. These are things that I'm probably not going to get in another apartment, and especially not at the same wonderful, just-out-of-college-budget kind of price. Le sigh. Now, to convince him to want it while I continue the search at the same time. How do you convince a stubborn boy to want something he's already decided against? That's possible, right?


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