Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tunesday Vol. VI

Yesterday was a sad day. I can't imagine any of you haven't heard about the Boston Marathon bombing yet, so I'll skip rehashing what has been said over and over again. It's all completely heart-wrenching. I had to make myself stop reading every story that came along or watching every bit of footage. Some of it is very bloody. If you were like me, I recommend taking a breather and turning everything off.

After checking in with the few people I know and cherish who live in Boston and hearing that they were fine, I turned right to my tunes. I wanted something soothing, something a little sad, something that echoed what I felt and what I needed. Thankfully 75% of my music happens to be exactly that. I knew exactly what I wanted to hear. I'm posting a few songs today... like, four. Please bear with me.

This is "Follow You Down To The Red Oak Tree" by James Vincent McMorrow, and it's just simply rather beautiful, and just a little sad.

This next song is "Avril 14th" by Aphex Twin. It is a complete coincidence that the name of the song is so close to yesterday's date. I picked it because it has the prettiest piano in it, and is one of the few instrumental songs I can listen to over and over.

This is "Scenic World" by Beirut. Nothing gives me hope when I'm down like this song. "When I feel alive, I'll try to imagine a careless life, a scenic world where the sunsets are all, breathtaking."

This last song is "That Moon Song" by Gregory Alan Isakov. This song echoes what I said about the first song, though it is a little stronger. I love to listen to this one in the truck, windows down, singing along.

If you've made it this far, I just wanted to end with a little sentiment that I'm sure we all feel - Boston, our thoughts and hearts are with you.


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