Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Tunesday Vol. V

Sorry this is a little late in the day, but I spent the majority of the day at work and moodboard-ing the crap out of all my apartment ideas. Also, I've been overplanning for an apartment that my boyfriend doesn't even really want - like, down to picking out paint colors. This needs to stop. But more on that tomorrow.
This week's song: Mr. Saxobeat by Alexandra Stan.

Guys. Can I really be just finding this song now? Did everyone know about it already? I feel like maybe I lived under a rock for a while. I was listening to a pop mash-up (which has 50 pop songs PERFECTLY melded together in beat-filled harmony) on youtube and then it was all "oh, have you seen this?" and I HADN'T. I totally hadn't, but now I have, and I can't stop. Which is convenient 'cause I'm in the middle of making a pants-off-dance-off mixed cd for my truck.

I realize that this song is hardly a musical masterpiece. A large majority of the dance songs that I like are entirely hook and beat based, and this falls into the same category. But, my god, that sax-y bit. Sexy saxy. Lovin' it.


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